Michell C. Clark



    Keep It 100


     November 2, 2019
    4:00 PM


    Inspire Stage – Top of the World Observation Level, World Trade Center
    401 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD, USA


Michell C. Clark

Michell C. Clark is a 29 year old, Washington, DC-based author, social entrepreneur, and MTV News Interview Columnist. He believes that empathy facilitates cultural connectivity, cultural connectivity makes us more informed individuals, and more informed individuals improve society. In October 2018, Michell released ‘Keep It 100: daily affirmations for millennials who are tired of being called millennials’ via a Chicago-based, Black woman-owned publishing house called 13th And Joan. As the book title would suggest, this is a radically different interpretation of affirmations than many would expect – full of blunt humor, ridiculous rap references, poignant vulnerability, and childlike sarcasm.