November 1-10
5:00 – 10:00 PM


Inner Harbor



Artist: Amigo & Amigo

In many cultures ​mushrooms​ are considered a symbol of luck, to find a ​mushroom​ means that good luck is at hand. Shrooms is an immersive artwork of 13 giant inflatable mushroom shapes that encourages our social nature while contrasting with the grey urban environment.  When visitors enter onto the Waterfront Garden on Pier Five they are suddenly in a playful forest filled with joyful signs of good luck. Amigo & Amigo additionally decided to use bold contrasting colored fabrics to create Shrooms so that it not only engaged with visitors and illuminated at night but also is a colorful spectacle that visitors could enjoy during the day.  Amigo & Amigo love hijacking public spaces, and embedding them with color, nature, and play.    Amigo &