The Gluegunheim in Bromo

DATE: Friday, November 1, 2019    |   TIME: 6:00-11:00pm  |   VENUE: Howard Street Corridor


The Gluegunheim in Bromo

Friday, November 1, 2019


Howard Street Corridor

300 North Howard Street, Baltimore, MD, USA

This installation will revive the Gluegunheim brand, created for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS)’ 2017 Artscape installation at Metro Gallery. The Gluegunheim elevates BROS’ props and costumes – lovingly detailed craft pieces – by placing them in a polished museum environment. The Gluegunheim: Bromo will take the format a step further, setting the entire exhibit inside a fictional universe of wonder and magic. As a historic suit of armor, taxidermied lion, or ancient urn would be displayed in a history museum, this exhibit will show and describe each item from within its fictional backstory. The display will occupy 6-10 windows in the 300 and 400 blocks of Howard St. BROS intends to approach Fluid Movement, a kindred organization based in the Bromo district, about taking on a partner window. Like BROS, Fluid Movement has a backlog of props and costumes from its 20-year performing history, and sets its performances in imaginative worlds. BROS has set aside a collaborator stipend for this purpose, and is prepared to support FM through the process. Originally designed by museum professional Jessica Keyes, the Gluegunheim has an existing format and brand guidelines. The designer assigned to the 2019 exhibition will apply these guidelines to new explanatory placards, and stick to the same design principles such as neutral dark backgrounds, and isolated visual elements. Lighting design will also echo these choices, placing focused lights on individual elements and letting their surroundings remain dark. Lighted props and costumes will take priority.

Date: November 1-3
Time: 6:00-11:00pm