Can-Duit and Pneuhaus

Light Artist


Events Coming Soon!

CAN-DUIT is a small company in Baltimore, Maryland, working to create joyful immersive bike-powered experiences and art installations. A collaboration between founder Natan Lawson with Sarah Jacklin, Lars Peterson, and Ann Russell, CAN-DUIT is always growing! When not developing interactive installations, we bring bike-powered blenders to wellness events all over the east coast, under the name Wheely Good Smoothies. CAN-DUIT is excited to be partnering with PNEUHAUS!

PNEUHAUS is a design collective focusing on the mastery of all things inflatable. With expertise in both materials and methods, PNEUHAUS creates spatial designs, temporary structures, contemporary art, and large-scale immersive environments. As architects, designers, and artists, PNEUHAUS collaborates on new forms, new ideas and new ways to define public space in ways they hope to be joyful and inspiring.