Klaus Philipsen


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Klaus Philipsen is a Baltimore architect and author originally from Stuttgart, Germany. In his book Baltimore: Reinventing an Industrial Legacy City (Routledge, 2017), Mr. Philipsen connects his work as an architect, transportation planner, preservationist and smart-growth advocate to advance an urban agenda that will propel legacy cities such as Baltimore into the 21st century. Mr. Philipsen also writes frequently about urban issues in his “Community Architect Daily” blog. In 1992, he founded ArchPlan Inc., Philipsen Architects, a Baltimore-based architecture and urban design firm that has received design awards and gained recognition in rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, revitalization, and transit projects. His nonprofit leadership roles include founding board member of 1000 Friends of Maryland, and chair for 20 years of the Urban Design Committee of AIA Baltimore.