November 1st-November10th
5pm to 10pm






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Facades will juxtapose the neighborhood Baltimore row home front containing projected interchanging scenes of activity displayed in open windows and doors with the Inner Harbor. Viewers will be invited to step on floor panels which will change sites seen within the window and door frames. In addition, the sound will be triggered that further describes the indoor happenings. The doorsteps will light up when the door scene is activated. When idle, the scenes will show static blinds or a door in the door frame. Conceptually, the artists making up Flux Form wanted to break down barriers that often cause Baltimoreans to feel isolated from one another. They wanted to deliver the opportunity to hear others’ experiences through a familiar medium: the row home – the common thread of many families, generations, and transient residents in a city of stark differences. Their work strives to turn a symbol of compartmentalized intimacy into a powerful storytelling opportunity that is relateable to everyone.